6 Band Merch Promos to Rock to!

  • Jul 6, 2024

Did you know that band merch is one of the best ways to finally support your favorite band or artist? It's true! Plus, everyone loves to show off that they went and saw their favorite artist in concert. Get the word out about your music with branded promotional products - and get extra $$ in your pocket. 


Custom High Top Converse 

custom converse

Nothing's cooler than a pair of Converse shoes - especially a pair of Converse shoes that have YOUR band logo on them! These can be the perfect limited edition promo product to boost your band or just a cool uniform for the stage. 

Clear Stadium Drawstring Bag 

clear drawstring bag

Nowadays, it's standard in music and event venues to require clear bags for patrons. Not only is it a safety issue, but it makes it easier for event staff to check out what's inside the bag for busy shows. This clear draw-string band is a handy way to not only advertise your band but also advertise your band at different shows. Who doesn't love a long-lasting promo? 

Guitar Pick 

guitar pick

Take it from us; there's nothing cooler than catching a special pick from your favorite band at a show! With a specially designed pick, you can give your fans something to always remember you by. Plus, they're a great memento that will often show up on social media. 

Custom Embroidered Patch 

custom embroidered patch

The patch: one of the most iconic pieces of band merch. Kids far and wide would buy patches at shows to show that they had been at that concert. They were there to see their favorite band. They'd put them on their favorite jean jacket or vest for the ultimate souvenir. 

Zip Up Hoodie

zip up hoodie

The hoodie is another one of the most iconic pieces of band merch! YOu can wear multiple bands at once - what's not to love? This comfy hoodie is perfect for keeping out the cool temps and staying in the rock. 


Quiet Breeze Rechargeable Hand Fan 

rechargeable hand fan

Have you ever been to a festival in the dead of summer? Or maybe an outdoor show on a lawn? It can get HOT! Keep your fans cool with this quiet breeze rechargeable hand fan. Not only is it perfect for all outside events, but your fans will thank you for the extra boost of cool air. 


Are you ready to rock? Perhaps boogie? Line-dance? Whatever your preferred music, there's a perfect promotional product for your band. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or browse our website to start your dream promotional product today. 


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