Promo Products to Help Alleviate the Quarantine Blues

  • Apr 11, 2020

We’re all in the same boat. Staying at home to help curve the COVID-19 statistics we see every day popping up on the news. While we are doing our part by staying apart, it’s easy to fall into a funk from lack of social interaction.


That’s why we’ve put together fun, entertaining promo products that will help occupy your client’s time and alleviate those quarantine blues.



Games are a great family-fun pastime, especially when they help sharpen decision-making skills. Jenga, the infamous tower of wooden blocks, is the perfect game to play outside with the spouse and children. Have your logo visible on every block, so your brand will stay top-of-mind during the action. Help your clients block out the negative noise and give them some much-needed game time with the fam.



Planter and Seeds



They say taking care of something, even if it’s growing a plant, is extremely therapeutic. Plus, what better way to get into a new hobby? This mid-century modern planter + seeds is a thoughtful gift that every client will grow to love. Put your logo on the ceramic planter and watch your business flourish – we are rooting for you!



Adult Coloring Book



Color in-between the lines and give your clients a unique product that will help them relax each evening. Adult coloring books can alleviate stress and spark creativity. Go above and beyond and even throw in some colored pencils or crayons; your brand will surely make a noticeable imprint!





Although many of us are required to stay home unless running essential errands, walking outside is still an acceptable exercise that helps us boost our mood and soak up the vitamin D. Gift your clients these pedometers (make sure to include family members!) and they can have fun participating in a household walking challenge. During these uncertain times, exercise can help make it a little better! Your clients will definitely appreciate the thought put behind this product.




Ok, we mentioned adult coloring books, but you can’t forget the kiddos! Let them create an artistic masterpiece on the driveway with this three-piece chalk set. It’s the perfect addition to a quiet evening outside!



Bluetooth Speaker



Speaking of being outside, your clients will also need some tunes to sing along to! This classic Bluetooth speaker is portable and can be taken all around the house and backyard. It doesn’t matter if they prefer the oldies or contemporary pop, listening to music increases endorphins and will help bring normalcy back into your clients’ lives.


We’ve got hundreds of other fun, entertaining items available! Reach out to us today for more information. Stay safe and well, everyone!


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