The Science Behind a Promotional Plushie

  • May 14, 2023

I lied. There is no science. Only fuzziness!

The truth is…there is no science behind a perfect promotional plushie, just fuzziness, and love. And as a plushie connoisseur from the day I was born, I can definitely speak to the special connection between a client and a beloved stuffed animal!

So what makes a stuffy so unique? Let’s take a look into the world of plush!

gorilla stuffed animal


The History Behind the Stuff(ing)

Who invented the Teddy Bear?

On February 15, 1903, toy store owner and inventor Morris Michtom placed two stuffed bears in his shop window, advertising them as Teddy bears. Michtom had earlier petitioned President Theodore Roosevelt for permission to use his nickname, Teddy. Source:


Thus, the teddy bear was born.

teddy bear


Since then, teddy bears have been the most popular stuffed animal, followed by plush dogs and cats. But going into any toy store, you will find everything from a crocodile to a parrot!



Why Promotional Plushies?

Promotional plushies are a fun way to remember a brand (I have quite a few from various trade shows and events). What is especially great about promotional plushies is the fact that they appeal to a large audience! Also, stuffed animals are versatile and customizable for every industry. Here are just a few examples:


  • Zoos & Aquariums
  • Airports & Visitor’s Centers
  • National Parks & Amusement Parks
  • Museums
  • Schools & Day Cares


Customization and Branding

 One of the most popular ways to style a promo plushie is with a customizable shirt, perfect for branding opportunities. I’ve seen other ways to brand promo plush, such as tiny hats, bandanas, and embroidery on the plush itself. Since stuffies come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, anyone can make it their own!

Plushies are excellent promo products for branding and can provide an emotional connection that can not be received from other promotional items. 

stuffed animal puppy


Interested in some stuffies? Call us today!

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